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Ring Secretary: 0409 802 944
General Secretary (do not call for lost birds): 0448 883 512


VIDEO from conveyer on the way to Pimba >>
RING RACE full prize summary from Treasurer >>>
RING RACE NEXT YEAR will be on again. Tom Tirrell will take your order now (ordinary or icom) and rings will be available soon. If you want your rings posted to you please add $15. Pay to account 065 102 1044 5657. $25 for 2. Clearly ref your order with your mobile number.
INTERESTING INFORMATION regarding vaccines and where we are now from Colin Walker >>>

NEW - Search this file for ALL RESULTS for 2020. Simply use "control f" to get the search box and then enter what you want to search for. Search for your name or a pigeon number for example. Here it is >>>            And here is the 2019 results >>>

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