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Trailer and two-tier unit for sale. Contact Trevor Madigan on 0487 000 340. Price: $450.

A good, working, reliable MANUAL clock. Any brand. Contact Cheryl on 0448 883 512.

We are aiming to get our Junior competition within the SAHPA re-started for the 2015 season! The plan will be to have 5 races with prizes for the first 3 placegetters, to be sponsored by Group 1 Lofts. Can any interested Juniors up to the age of 16 yrs please contact Tim Fawcett on M: 0400 400 324. Juniors can be flown into the same loft as parents/relatives or friends so if you know someone interested feel free to have a go! - Tim Fawcett

THE CENTRAL Cumberland Racing Pigeon Federation Inc.
is conducting a race for its members this year to commemorate the Centenary of ANZAC (refer to the CCF website). This is a two fold event that is primarily a fund raiser for the Legacy Foundation. The CCF will be donating 50% of the entry fee for this race to Legacy and have asked each club for a donation of $250.00 (all money to go directly to Legacy). We are also seeking donations and/or sponsorship from organisation outside of the pigeon fraternity.

All federations and external donors that make a donation will be acknowledged on the CCF web site and will be issued a receipt. It is hoped that your Federation, (the SAHPA) will join us and support this fund raising event. Be assured that ALL monies donated with be forwarded to the Legacy Foundation of Australia.

Should your federation decide to make a donation/pledge, please contact the CCF Federation Secretary John Jeffrey.
Here is the brochure >>>

2015 RACE PROGRAM (final) available.
Under Points/Programs button at left. Also posted is the SAHPA program with projected costs and release times. The tossing programs for both the Hino and the Ford are now available . UPDATED 18 May, 2015.

have started on building their own unit to fit on the back of the Holden Colorado they bought last year.

The 2 aluminium units can be lifted on and off the tray top and will carry up to 600 birds. Perry Burton with help from Brian Donovan and Dennis Russell has been building the unit for our club. He will also be building a canopy which will sit over the units in the pictures. We commend the work being done by Perry and the team of helpers. Please click on this hyperlink to see a Youtube video of the unit in progress.

See pictures of the unit by clicking on the picture in the top right-hand corner of the home page.

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