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WARRNAMBOOL RACING PIGEON CLUB inc. - ANNUAL SQUEAKER SALE - SUNDAY 27th JANUARY 2019. VENUE: WANNON ROOMS – SHOWGROUNDS KOROIT ST, WARRNAMBOOL  VICROADS MAP 514 G6 Sunday 27th of January 2019 heralds our annual Squeaker Sale, and we extend to you an invitation to attend.  Quality pigeons have been pledged from many of our usual supporters as well as a number of new donors from South Australia and Victoria.  Many flyers have benefited from birds purchased at our sale, indicating the quality available. Birds have been offered by many top SAHPA flyers, including Bronte Andrewartha, Lee Abbott & Son, John Crummey, Leo Duits, Tony Cornish, Adrian Stacey, Greg Hodgins & Keith Bowen, Tim Fawcett, Gavin Harris, K&W Markou, Chris Mav, George Tsonis, Nenard Stojakovic, Perkins Bros, Troy Tirrel, Geoff Cawte, Ian Lucas, Eddie Lenkic, Geoff Verrall (Verrall & Barlow), Geoff Bell, Willi Thiele, Geoff Rayment, Peter Burke, Perry Burton, Ken Moyle, Stu Hodgson, Graham Goodrich, Mark Coates, S&G Roberts. Birds have been offered from some top Melbourne & Country flyers, including Paul Gardiner, Frank Verco, Gary Church, John Saggers, Geoff Parker, Tony Sofra, Gary Mountjoy plus more. Peter Clifford (Colac) is donating some stock birds and some youngsters. Warrnambool members will be donating off their best.Leading flyers from both South Australia and Victoria will be in attendance for you to meet, and the usual family BBQ will follow the sale at 6.00pm to which all are invited to attend.  For further enquiries please contact: Graeme McLeod (03)55626510, Andrew Bosse 0427528400,  Paul Sheehan 0419448332. Inspection of birds from 11.00am, Sale commences at 1.30pm. Sale catalogues will be prepared on the day and will be available prior to commencement of sale. Refreshments available, with afternoon tea to follow the sale. The Wannon Rooms are fully air conditioned for the comfort of all attendees and the birds. The Committee & members of theWarrnambool Racing Pigeon Club would like to thank all donors & buyers for their support of our 2019 Annual Sale.

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The VRPU CLASSIC RACE 2019 with first prize of $10,000 to be raced in September 2019. Interstate birds are welcome with flyer receiving 50% and breeder receiving 50% of prize money. Sale dates at the VRPU rooms are:16 December 2018 and 6 January 2019 and 20 January 2019. All youngsters are to be 30 days or younger with no dropped flights. Please contact Tony Price 0417 517 960 or Peter Sawyer 0409 144 218.

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